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Nigerian News Reporters. COM TAKES OVER

1. When a guy and a
lady are seen discussing, they
are dating. 2. If a guy tells a Lady to come, he
wants to woo her. 3. All old women are
witches. 4. Anybody that is too Rich has done
Money Ritual. 5. A lady that is a Nurse had
better wear her uniform
when walking out of the Clinic before Nigerians
think she went for an abortion. 6. Every
Politician is Embezzling Money. 7. All wealthy
men have joined occultic group. 8. All Lawyers
are liars. 9. Philosophers are not Godly. 10. If
Pastor has plenty members in his church, he
is using Jass. 11. If somebody is in the
University, he or she is
better than those in Polytechnic and Colleges
Education. 12. Every Musician has joined
Illuminati. 13. All Traders do cheat. 14. All Men
are wicked. 15. If u don't come to church one
sunday, u have
started backsliding. 16. If u walk with
confidence, u are proud. 17. If u decide to
always be alone, u have evil spirit. 18. If u
always answer question in class, u are the
Teacher or Lecturer's boy/girl. 19. Every rich
Muslim is an Alhaji. 20. Every brother in the
church is a Pastor....

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Lawmakers to give Mark impeachment request
Senators have levelled 14 impeachable
allegations against President Goodluck
The lawmakers are expected to harmonise
their allegations with members of the House
of Representatives before sending an
impeachment request to Senate President
David Mark.
The pro-impeachment Senators and
Representatives may meet before the end of
the week to agree on when to present the
request to Mark, in line with Section 143 (1)
and (2) of the 1999 Constitution.
Top on the list of the allegations is the
President’s refusal to sign 120 bills into law.
The Nation stumbled on a copy of the
allegations and signatures.
The President is expected to explain why he
could not curtail the Boko Haram insurgency;
and non-release of the abducted 219 Chibok
Other issues are undule politicising of the
security situation; failure to act as de facto
President; $10.8billion missing from the
Federation Account; squandering of N10billion
private jets; and sloppiness/ failure in
Some of the allegations also include alleged
violation of the constitution/ Oath of Office;
failure to implement recommendations of
panels/ committees; setting up of ill-
conceived, “nebulous” groups like TAN for re-
election campaign outside the Electoral Act;
failure to establish and inaugurate the Nigeria
Police Council; illegal deployment of Armed
Forces and sowing seed of hatred and turning
one part of the country against the other.”
Though the list of signatories was obtained by
our correspondent, the senators pleaded
against its publication until what they
described as “auspicious time”.
Although 63 senators were reported to have
backed the impeachment move, the document
shows that 16 signed.
A principal officer in the Senate, who pleaded
not to be named because of the “sensitivity”
of the matter, said: “We are embarking on
signatures drive as I am talking to you.
Senators are vetting the allegations before
appending signatures.
“We have secured the consent of more than
63 senators who are expected to sign up in
the next few days. And the senators are from
both the PDP and the APC.”
The “weighty” allegations have forced some
PDP senators to regroup against pro-
impeachment ones.
The allegations read in part: “The President as
the Head of government has worked to
undermine the effective performance of other
arms of government, especially the legislature,
by constantly frustrating peaceful and
harmonious co-existence among other arms of
government. In performing their constitutional
responsibility of lawmaking, the legislature
passes bills to be assented to by the President
before they become laws of the federation.
“The President has consistently and
consciously failed to sign bills and motions
passed on to him by the parliament, thereby
making the position of the legislative arm of
government untenable. At the last count, the
President has refused to assent to about 120
bills passed by the current National Assembly.
He has not sent any communication as to
their rejection as stipulated in Section 58 (1)
(4) of the 1999 Constitution (as amended).
Motions and other legislative instruments
have suffered similar, if not worse, fate.
The senators have also decided to hold the
President liable for allegedly not doing enough
to address the Boko Haram insurgency and
communal conflicts.
The Notice of Impeachment states: “The
President, as Commander-In-Chief of the
Armed Forces and Chief Security Officer of the
nation, has failed to ensure the protection of
lives and properties. Mindless carnage by the
Boko Haram insurgents, especially in the
Northeast, recurrent violence in states like
Taraba, Adamawa, Benue, Plateau, Nasarawa
etc are manifest examples of how the
President has failed to exert the enormous
powers inherent in his office.
“This total failure of leadership has not only
served to threaten the corporate existence of
the country, it has taken an untoward toll on
the development and progress of the nation.
“The President has in an unprecedented
manner reduced the Office of the President to
an object of ridicule both locally and in the
eyes of the international community, thereby
reducing both the country and our hitherto
respected Armed Forces into laughing stock.
“As we speak, over 200 of our female children
have been abducted for over five months while
some parts of our territorial space had been
overtaken by the unrelenting insurgents. Yet,
the President and Commander-In-Chief of the
Armed Forces has displayed acute sense of
cluelessness on how to tackle the security
“The general impression out there is that the
President is thoroughly overwhelmed and,
therefore, incapable of inspiring our gallant
men and women of the Armed Forces who are
daily killed and maimed owing largely to the
incompetence of their Commander-In-Chief.
“Just recently, a large number of our troops
ran to safety in neighbouring Cameroon in the
face of massive onslaught from the
insurgents. The fact that our renowned
military had to find succour with our little
brother next door is the greatest indictment
yet on the capability of the Commander-In-
Chief to rally his men and boost their morale.
“For unduly politicising the security situation,
the President has shown beyond all measure
of doubt that he has neither the courage nor
the sense of judgement to tackle the issue
headlong. Evidence abounds to show that the
President and his handlers by living in denial
as to the abduction of Chibok girls, gave the
insurgents more than three weeks head start
They accused Jonathan of abdicating his
responsibility through the concession of
waterways security and protection of oil
installations to a private firm.
“The President, in his capacity as Head of
State has woefully abdicated state
responsibilities and severely undermined the
capacity of our security agencies by passing a
“vote of no confidence” on the Nigeria Police
and Armed Forces to protect our strategic and
vital infrastructures, like the pipelines.
“A case of this failure was the award of non-
appropriated Oil Facility Protection Contract
worth N3.6b to a private firm (Oil Facilities
Surveillance Limited) controlled by ex
militants,” the document claimed.
The senators also alleged that the President
had failed to address corruption.
The senators added: “The President as the
Head of State is under obligation to abolish
all corrupt practices and abuse of power as
envisaged by Section 15 (5) of the 1999
Constitution (as amended). Since his
assumption of office, corruption in Nigeria has
assumed frightening proportion. For the first
time in our history, corruption is almost
elevated to a state craft where known corrupt
Nigerians are either friends or employees of
the government headed by the President.
“ From Stella Oduah (Minister of Aviation) to
AbdulRasheed Maina of the pension scam, to
how the Petroleum Minister, Mrs. Diezani
Alison-Madueke, has refused to account for
$10.8billion missing from the Federation
Account or how she allegedly squandered
N10billion to fly private jets in two years or
even how the NNPC under her watch managed
to pay subsidy monies to kerosene marketers
for three years without appropriation, thereby
contravening Section 80 (1)-(4) of the 1999
constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
(as amended), it has been a season of
unbridled corruption.
“All of the names mentioned above are close
friends and supporters of the government and
have been seen hobnobbing with the President
in public even when facing charges of abuse
of office and corruption.”
They also accused Jonathan of allegedly
sowing the seed of hatred and turning one
part of the country against the other.
The document said: “As the de facto President,
instead of working to unite the country by
advocating true nationalism and patriotism,
the President has sought to take advantage of
our religious and ethnic differences through
divisive and sectarian policies and politics. By
continually, through his innuendos and body
language, suggesting that a particular section
or group of people of a particular faith or
ethnicity is an enemy of the country, the
President has consciously sowed the seed of
hatred and turned one part of the country
against the other.
“For threatening the fragile peace and unity of
the nation by his unprecedented clannishness
and cronyism, the President has acted in ways
unbecoming of a President of the Federal
Republic of Nigeria.
“Failing to foster a sense of belonging and
involvement among the various people of the
federation, to the end that loyalty to the
nation shall override sectional loyalties, the
President has violated Sections 15 (2), (3) (a)
and (b) and (4) of the 1999 Constitution of
the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended).
“For failing to establish and inaugurate the
Nigeria Police Council as envisaged by the
Constitution, the President swore on oath to
uphold and defend, he has breached/violated
the extant provisions of Section 153 (1) of the
1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of
Nigeria (as amended).
Section 217 (2) (c) of the Constitution said,
‘the Federation shall, subject to an Act of the
National Assembly made in that behalf, equip
and maintain the armed forces as may be
considered adequate and effective for the
purpose of – suppressing insurrection and
acting in aid of civil authorities to restore
order when called upon to do so by the
President, but subject to such conditions as
may be prescribed by an Act of the National
Assembly. Therefore the powers vested on the
President by virtue of the combined effects of
Sections 217 (2) (c) and 218 (1) to determine
the operational use of the Armed Forces of
the Federation, are not absolute and in fact
subject to the supervising authority of the
National Assembly as expressly stipulated by
the Constitution. Section 218 (4) clearly
states that, ‘the National Assembly shall have
power to make laws for the regulations of –
(a) the powers exercisable by the President as
Commander –in-Chief of  the Armed Forces of
the Federation; and (b) the appointment,
promotion and disciplinary control of members
of the armed forces of the Federation.’
A senator, who is a die-hard loyalist of the
President, said: “There is nothing like the
impeachment process against President
Goodluck Jonathan. Some senators are just
playing to the gallery.
“Even if they attempt to serve a notice of
impeachment, they cannot get the required
one-third of members of the National
Assembly to push it through. Those of us in
PDP will never allow the tyranny of the
minority to take place in the National

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8 Men Urinating In Public (Urinating Competition Ni?)

In Nigeria It's Alarming To note that out of every ten men, 6 urinate publicly, and from world statistics  49 Million Nigerians urinate in public. 

Mr James Okafor,  An Owner Of A Soap Factory In Aba  complains bitterly, "I wonder if Aba people ever read signs, people normally come to urinate at the gutter in front of my factory before it was built and I expected them to read the signs and     stop urinating In front of my business premises." every morning I come to work, the stench of urine fills the air, and I can hardly bear it anymore". Mrs Folake Ogunjimi, A Trader In Lagos Also Aired her view on this in pidgin ,"Every day wey I come my shop to sell food for customers, this place they always smell piss piss, I don warn these agberos make dem no dey urinate for my shop, them no wan hear word, now customers dy run from my shop because say e dy smell piss '" It is common in Nigeria to see "DO NOT URINATE HERE, ORDER BY POLICE" signposts or even printed boldly on the walls of houses.  Some people suggest that the Government ought to provide Public Toilets around the area.  A staff of an NGO focused on Improving the Environment said that even if public Toilets are provided it would serve as a nesting ground for diseases since many Nigerians lack maintenance  culture and also it would have increased the spread of Ebola when it was in the country since people who come to relieve themselves are not monitored..  My view on this is that The Government should ban urinating In Public and the consequence for disobeying this law should be Two Weeks Public Service. 
If not, in a few years time people  would line up and urinate in front of various public institutions or even in front of Aso Rock.  We should Try To Create A Conducive Environment For Everyone.

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It began as a minor disagreement at a
telephone kiosk Saturday, June 14. But by
Sunday, that row triggered one of the
fiercest fighting in Wukari, Taraba State, in
Nigeria’s restive northeast.
Residents took up arms against one another,
setting Churches and Mosques ablaze, and
destroying homes and shops in a conflict
not directly linked to the extremist sect
Boko Haram, but to a deadly animosity
between Christians and Muslims.
For no other offence than professing either
faith, at least 100 people were killed that
day, residents said. Police said official
figure stood at 11 deaths.
But both sides agreed that more than a
thousand homes were destroyed.
“We lost so many members in my church
that we were going for burials every day,”
said Dante Angyu, Chairman, Jukun
Development Association of Nigeria, Wukari
Branch. “At a point, the burials were so
many that some of us who are elders had to
conduct them because our pastors were
seriously overworked. At that time, we had
more than four corpses to bury in a day
and so we had to assist the pastors.”
It was not only the Christians who had
corpses to bury; the Muslims also had a fair
share of it.
Umar Sarki, Auditor, Muslim Council of
Nigeria, Wukari, and Deputy Chief Imam of
Izala Central Mosque, said over 30 Moslems
were killed on June 15.
“Others who were killed after the crisis
were people who were caught while trying
to escape to safety. The killings took place
around the Yam Market and those people
were attacked three days after the crisis. We
reported the matter to the state
government,” he said.
Wukari is home to 241,546 people,
according to 2006 estimates. Its fertile land,
beautiful terrain made more alluring by the
Donga River and the Benue River, makes
the town a top destination for farmers.
But in recent years, Wukari has made more
news for bloody clashes than its
agricultural resources.
Communal and ethno-religious conflicts
involving Jukun, the majority population
there, and Tiv and Fulani, have torn the
town apart and have killed hundreds in the
last years.
Most clashes are fuelled, if not instigated,
by religious affiliations. In cases narrated
by survivors of past attacks, relatives have
turned against relatives and friends have
attacked friends who profess different faiths.
The June clash started on a Saturday after a
youth who bought a phone recharge card
accused the seller of withholding his
change. The two men, being Jukun, differed
only by religion.
PREMIUM TIMES could not obtain the name
of the card buyer, said to be a Christian.
The seller, Hussein Hassan, is a Muslim.
The argument soon drew the attention of
other youth in the area, who, also divided
along religious lines, took sides with either
the buyer or the seller.
After protracted war of words, and
exchange of religious slurs, witnesses said
some elders intervened and the enraged
youth dispersed to their homes.
But by about 6a.m. the next day, Sunday,
Mr. Hassan’s telephone kiosk had
disappeared, replaced by charred wood and
zinc, and burnt phone chargers.
As residents of the area stopped by at the
scene, another argument ensued with some
accusing the Christian youth for the attack,
and others saying the incident was staged
by Muslims.
What seemed like a rapprochement came
when some well-meaning indigenes of the
area accepted to compensate Mr. Hassan for
his losses, while he too agreed to forgo his
With the settlement, the crowd dispersed,
residents of Wukari and security officials
told a PREMIUM TIMES reporter who spent
weeks in the town investigating recurring
crises in the area.
But barely an hour later, gunfire rang out
from the fringes of the town and chants of
war songs rent the air as heavily armed
men in their hundreds marched on Wukari,
killing residents and burning their worship
places, homes and shops, those interviewed
As the gunmen surged towards the centre of
the town, Christian and Muslim militia
sprang to defend their domains, residents
Unlike other clashes between Jukun and Tiv,
or Tiv against Fulani, both sides in the June
clashes were mostly Jukun, separated only
by religion.
Witnesses, government officials and the
police paint a disheartening picture of the
fighting that day, all saying it was the
worst the town has witnessed in recent
The fighting started when many
worshippers were already in churches.
Some who attempted to run home were
either shot directly or hit by stray bullets.
As some of the attackers targeted Christian
domains, armed Christian youth were also
wreaking havoc in areas inhabited largely
by Muslims.
Both sides fought on the streets and several
When police reinforcement, backed up by
soldiers and armed operatives of the
Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps,
broke through the fighting line and sent the
combatants scampering, dozens of bodies
littered the streets and over 2,000 houses
were burnt, witnesses said.
Joseph Kwali, the Taraba State Police Public
Relations Officer, said only 11 people were
killed while 1,398 houses were destroyed.
The Chief Press Secretary to the former
Taraba State Acting Governor, Kefas Sule,
said the fighting was the deadliest in the
history of Wukari.
“I saw where buildings were brought down
and the foundations dug out in Wukari,” he
said. “I agree that the destruction was of a
massive scale.”
Cruelty in God’s name
Wukari has a long history of ethno-
religious tension which occasionally results
in clashes.
In 2010, a mosque built by a police officer
inside the Ibi Road Police station was
demolished by angry youth who protested
against its location. In reprisal, many more
mosques and churches were burnt and
scores killed.
According to residents, the government has
unwittingly fuelled the crises and tension by
failing to bring to justice those responsible
for past attacks.
Often, that tension has seen the barest of
disagreements between locals of opposite
faiths result in deadly clashes.
After the row at the telephone booth June
14, Shittu Balla, a brother to the recharge
card seller, Mr. Hassan, said his family
never anticipated any more trouble.
At the site of the burnt phone booth, Mr.
Balla told PREMIUM TIMES his family was
making attempts to uncover the arsonist
when fighting started and they fled leaving
behind all they had.
When they returned weeks later, the family
met an empty land where their home once
The Chairman of the Muslim Youth Council,
Wukari, Sani Ismaila, recalled that he was
at home when Mr. Hassan came to report
about his burnt phone booth.
To stave off a possible confrontation, Mr.
Ismaila suggested the matter be reported to
the police. As they left for the divisional
police station, the fighting was already
In interviews, some residents suggested the
disagreement between Mr. Hassan and his
customer may have been a smokescreen for
a planned onslaught on the town.
The Deputy Chief Imam of Izala Central
Mosque, Wukari, Mr. Sarki, said the
burning must have been done by a
Christian. He said those who instigated the
fight had a hidden agenda. “If not, why did
they go about burning churches, mosques
and houses,” Mr. Sarki asked.
Some Christian leaders in the area agreed
the phone booth fire may have been a
cover-up to trigger a crisis. But they argued
that no provocation justifies the scale of
destruction Wukari witnessed that day.
Agabison Williams, the resident pastor of
Christian Reformed Church of Nigeria,
CRCN, and Chairman of the Christian
Association of Nigeria, CAN, Wukari
chapter, recalled how several members of
his Church were killed that day.
Mr. Williams said worship service had
barely begun when worshippers heard
heavy gunshots and war cry from a
“When the shooting came too close, we
stopped the service and opened the backdoor
for people who were trapped in the church
to run out,” he narrated.
“In the course of trying to flee to safety,
some were shot and others were brought
down by stray bullets. When the killing
became too much, the youths from the town
also mobilised to defend their areas from
the invaders,” he said.
While police said 11 people were killed, the
clergyman said the dead surpassed 100.
More than one month after the fighting,
PREMIUM TIMES found 16 obituary posters
on the notice board of the CRCN, Gu Puje
Overall, Mr. Williams said over 30
members of his church were killed.
Apart from the destruction of Wukari town,
fighters also sacked several villages,
including Akwana, Fyayi, Ikwe, Ndo-Yaku,
Kata-Iko, Nayi Nawa, Tudun Wada and
Nwokyon. In Ndo-Yaku alone, PREMIUM
TIMES learnt 29 people were killed.
Persistent crises have helped shut down
Wukari. After the June fighting, schools
were closed for months, while banks
refused to open for business.
The town long described as the Land of
Opportunity, no longer has opportunity, the
Chairman of Jukun Development Association
of Nigeria, Wukari branch, Mr. Angyu, said
“It was not a joke; it was the worst crisis
we have ever had,” Mr. Angyu said. “If you
go round the town you will see the level of
destruction. We are not still safe months
after the crisis because there are rumours
that we may come under attack at any
He said indigenes of the area, Christians
and Muslims alike, have continued to flee to
neighbouring states to seek refuge.
On why some residents still hang on even
with renewed threat of attacks, Mr. Angyu
replied, “We are the owners of Wukari and
we don’t have any other place to run to.
We will live and die here come what may.”
Shocking tales from survivors
There is hardly a family in Wukari not
directly affected by the fighting of June 15.
Awulo Tanko, who said he was born and
raised in the town by Jukun parents, said he
grew up in the Christian dominated part of
the town until he converted to Islam.
Long after he became a Muslim, he said his
brothers who remained Christians still
loved and accepted him.
Mr. Tanko however recounted how his
Christian relations invaded his home and
shot his father before setting the house
ablaze, after he fled with his wife and
“When the fighting started,” he said, “I took
my wife and children to a neighbouring
town. When I came back, I saw many dead
bodies on the street. I got home to find my
father dead in the house. He was shot and
burnt with everything we had.”
Another resident, Haruna Ismaila, said two
of his brothers were killed by their
Christian neighbours, who also burned
his house and household items.
A staff of the Federal Road Safety
Commission, FRSC, Mr. Ismaila said, “We
have been living together peacefully until in
recent time. During the June 15 crisis, two
of my brothers were killed and my house
burnt down. It was terrible. I can’t explain
how I escape. It was just the hand of God.”
A Clerk with the Chief Magistrate Court,
Wukari, Suleiman Usman, said although he
is a Muslim, he has lived peacefully for
years with some of his biological brothers
who are Christians.
“I think the politicians are the ones
polluting our minds against each other. Our
relationship with our Christian brothers has
changed badly. I lost my house during the
crisis and that is why I relocated my family
to Jalingo.”
Thirty two-year-old Justina Timothy said
her husband was shot by Muslim fighters
who attempted to overrun the CRCN, Gu
Puje, branch. Mrs. Timothy’s husband
served in the church’s security team.
“My husband was at home that Sunday
morning while I was making breakfast.
Suddenly, we started hearing gunshots. My
children argued it was firecrackers but my
neighbour insisted it was gunshots.
“I immediately ran inside and told my
husband who was still sleeping. Just then,
his colleagues called him on the phone and
asked him to come to the church. He
quickly took his bath and rushed out to the
church. That was the last time I saw him
alive,” she said.
PREMIUMT TIMES saw scores of residents
leaving the town with few belongings they
could salvage from the ruins of religious
The Chairman of the Taraba State Peace
Initiative, Charles Yohana, said the Wukari
crisis was between Christians and Muslims,b
and should not be seen as an inter-ethnic
“The crisis in Wukari is between two
brothers. It is not between the Jukun and
Hausa/Fulani but between Jukun Christians
and Moslems,” he said.

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This romeo got not one but four female
prison officials pregnant while serving a 20
year jail sentence for attempted murder
inside a Baltimore City Detention Centre.
Tavon White, known as 'Kingpin' ran a vast
drugs smuggling business from inside the
prison, CBS Baltimore reports.
Prosecutors say he made $ 10,000 to
$20,000 a week smuggling drugs and cell
phones into the prison and befriended the
female guards who helped to make his
business easy.
He rewarded them with sex and got 4
pregnant. Two of the women even tattooed
his name on their body.
Five officers of the corrupt prison, Tavon &
two other inmates are now facing charges of
conspiracy, drug distribution and money

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1. Agbami Medical & Engineering
Scholarship For 100/200L
Worth: Medical awardees = N200, 000 ,
Engineering Students awards = N100,000
2. NNPC/Chevron Scholarship For
Worth: N150,000
3. NNPC/Addax Scholarship for 100L
Worth N100,000
4. Total E & P Scholarship For
Worth N150,000
5. NLNG Scholarship For 100L
6. Exxon/Mobil Scholarship For 200L
Worth N150,000
7. SPDC (Shell) Scholarship For 100L
Worth N75,000
8. PTDF Scholarship For 200L
Worth N150,000 Plus Laptop during first
9. ABC Transport Scholarship For 100L
Worth N100,000

10. Federal Government Scholarship
Award For 200/300/400L
Worth N150,000
11. MTN Foundation Scholarship For
Worth N200,000
12. NAOC (Nigeria Agip Oil Company)
Scholarship For 100L
Worth N100,000
13. Gani Fawehinmi Scholarship
14. NWAG Scholarship
Worth N50,000
15. SNEPCo Scholarship For 100L
16. MUSTE Undergraduate
Scholarships for Nigerian Students
17. BAT Iseyin Agronomy (BATIA)
Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme

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Thousands of residents from Gubio town
in Borno State yesterday fled to
Maiduguri, the state capital after
suspected members of the Boko Haram
sect reportedly sent them a letter warning
of an imminent attack.
The fleeing residents, who arrived
Maiduguri on lorries, vans and trucks,
were seen in their numbers heading
towards the direction of the Shehu of
Borno’s palace as well as towards the
city centre.
One of the displaced residents, Fannami
Abuwar, said “We have been threatened
with letter by the Boko Haram insurgents,
saying that they would attack us soon
and we all have to flee for our lives
having heard of what happened to
communities like Damasak and
Malumfatori where similar threat were
made and carried out”.
Confirming the development, a
spokesman for the Vigilante Group in
Borno State, Muhammed Gava, said: “We
were all disturbed by the development
because Gubio, though not too far away
from Maiduguri, has been very peaceful
and calm all this while”.
Meanwhile, there has been no official
reaction to the situation from officials of
the state government and aid workers.
Gubio, which is about 96 kilometres away
from Maiduguri, is an agrarian town and
headquarters of Gubio local government

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Yomi Peters

Former international Yomi Peters died on
wednesday after a short battle with gastric
The 74-year-old former Stationery Stores
player and coach gave up the ghost at the
General Hospital, Ikeja, Lagos.
“He died at 9.20am and his body has been
deposited in the mortuary,” Peters’ wife, Toyin
told our correspondent on Wednesday
Peters was earlier diagnosed of gastric
tumour but after series of tests, it was
discovered that he had gastric cancer.
Peters initially had problems settling his bill
at the General Hospital, until the Lagos State
Government came to his rescue, with a
promise to pay the bills incurred by the ex-
Stores forward.
Ex-internationals had complained about the
poor treatment of Peters, while in his ward at
the hospital.
“How can you keep him in an ordinary room
with three other heroes? He should have been
kept alone in a separate room because he is
a hero. If it was a politician who was in his
(Peters) situation, he would have been flown
abroad for treatment. But they don’t build
hospitals; even the ones we have are poorly
equipped,” ex-Super Eagles goalkeeper, Segun
Oguns, said.
“It’s sad to lose a hero like him. Its painful
for a great player in Lagos to die the way he
did. Now what they are talking about is
paying his bills but he is dead. If he was
flown abroad, he probably would have lived
another three years. If we had an effective
players union, things like this won’t happen,”
1984 Africa Cup of Nations silver medallist,
Clement Temile, said.
Peters played for NIgeria and Stores in the
1970s and became a household name in
Lagos for his striking abilities and leadership
qualities with the Adebajo Babes.
He was feared for his aerial prowess and as
a coach, helped Stores reach the final of the
Africa Cup Winners Cup in the early 1980s.


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The leadership of the Nigeria Football
Federation have admitted that their hands are
tied where Stephen Keshi’s tenure as coach of
the Eagles is concerned.
Nigerians are calling for the resignation of
Keshi following his failure to qualify Nigeria
for next year’s AFCON defence of the title he
won in 2013.
But the Edo born coach still wants to remain
as coach.
He is yet to be offered a new deal and the NFF
have been silent on his future, a situation
which a board member of the NFF said was
out of their control.
Keshi and Amaju
“The last time we did what we thought was
best, we were forced to revert the changes by
people in high places. This time around we
are helpless”, the source lamented.
“We are scared of announcing we won’t renew
his deal due to what happened last time and
unless he resigns or walks away we can’t help
out”, he further added.
Keshi himself has insisted he is still the best
man for the job.

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Hon. Kawu Sumaila, one of the lawmakers
who jumped the fence and  fought for House
of Reps speaker, Aminu Tambuwal to get into
the chamber last week, is seeking to be the
Governor of Kano state come 2015.

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An Afghan woman has killed at least 25
Taliban militants to avenge the murder of
her son who was a police officer in western
Farah province.
According to reports, Reza Gul was forced to
pick up arms after her son was shot dead by
Taliban militants in front of her eyes.
Her son was leading a small group of police
forces in a check post located in a village of
Farah province.
She was supported by her daughter and
daughter-in-law during the gun battle which
lasted for almost 7 hours that left at least 25
Taliban militants dead and five others injured.
Sediq Sediq, spokesman for the Ministry of
Interior (MoI) said the armed campaign by
women against the Taliban militants is a
symbol of a major revolution and public
uprising against the group.
The Taliban militants group has not
commented regarding the incident so far.
Farah is among the volatile provinces in
western Afghanistan where anti-government
armed militants are actively operating in its
various districts and frequently carry out
insurgency activities.

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Four students of the University of Jos in
Plateau State were on Tuesday shot by yet-
to-be identified security operatives during a
protest by some students which led to the
closure of the institution by the school
The spokesman of the Special Task Force
(STF) on peace in Jos, Captain Ikedichi Iwela,
confirmed the incident, saying: “Four
students were shot by unidentified security
operatives while the students were
He added: “The injured students are currently
receiving treatment at the STF Clinic at the
force’s headquarters.
“We had to rush them to our clinic for
treatment because government hospitals are
currently on strike. The injured students are
responding to treatment.”
He denied the involvement of the task force
in the shooting.
Similarly, the police have also exonerated its
men, saying the Force had nothing to do with
the shooting.
The state Police Commissioner, Nasiru Oki,
said: “When we got the news of the protest,
we immediately deployed our men in the
scene to protect public properties and to
forestall any breakdown of law and order, but
none of our men fired any shot.”
Thousands of students of the university had
started a protest on Monday, shutting down
academic activities and demanding the
reversal of the decision of the management
of the institution to increase their
development levy.
President of the Students’ Union Government
(SUG), Abel Nok Du, had said the students
were agitated by the increase of their levies.
“We are calling for the removal of the N10,
000 development levies from our school fees.
We are also calling for the reduction of N25,
000 acceptance fees for admitted students.
“As I’m talking to you now, most of our
properties have been destroyed as a result of
our position-standing between the students
and the school authorities,” the students’
union leader said.
Du disclosed that: “The SUG met with the
school authority and resolved that the
examinations would start yesterday, but the
students were adamant and accused us of
compromise, and therefore destroyed our
But the management of the university denied
the allegation. The Vice-Chancellor of the
university, Professor Hayward Mufuyai, told
the students to disregard the rumours being
peddled that the management intends to
review school charges.

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Prof Wole Soyinka

Nobel Laureate, Prof. Oluwole Soyinka, today,
opened up on his health status, saying he was
diagnosed of cancer last December.
But an expert and Founder of African Cancer
Centre, Lagos, Prof. Olu Williams, quickly
assured Soyinka that he would “not die of

Williams, who revealed that Soyinka had the
disease because of his old age, said the
playwright will only “die with the ailment.”
Soyinka, who revealed his cancer status at a
press conference at the June 12 Cultural
Centre, Abeokuta, Ogun State, said he had
decided to open up so as to create awareness
about cancer disease and to help people take
measures to prevent it or seek prompt medical
attention for cure.
The Nobel Laureate said he survived the silent
killer disease because of early detection,
treatment and proper dieting, adding that it
has also dawned on him that the family has a
history of cancer ailment.
He noted that his initial reaction when it
dawned on that he has cancer was to see it as
one of those challenges and nuisance that
should be dealt with, adding that a time he
considered it “an unwanted squatter in his
body and had to get rid of it whether it is a
slow growing one or malignant.”
Although, “Kongi”, who showed a crest to
attest to his surviving the disease, did not
reveal to reporters the nature of the cancer he
was treated for, his son, Dr. Olaokun Soyinka,
who is also the Commissioner for Health in
Ogun State, later told The Nation his father
was treated for “prostate cancer.”

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Atiku Abubakar, whose birthday it is
today, said he will be spending his
birthday with family, as they celebrate his
wife, Jennifer Jamilah Abubakar, call to

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Will you vote for Kate Henshaw.. Seems Nigerian Actors are veering into politics.. Nollywood star actress, Kate Henshaw
who is vying for a position at the Federal

House of Representatives under PDP has
revealed her election strategy isn’t to
share any money. She opened up in a
recent interview:
“There’s no money. I can’t match the
people who have been in the system for
20 to 30 years. I’m going with God and
my heart. I’m not sharing money. If you
continue sharing money, it will never
stop. If you want a change, a true
change, then vote for me and you’ll see
the change. But if you want money, hey,
go for money and stay where you are and
don’t ever complain” she says in an
She also revealed that she doesnt plan to
hold an office for too long:
“I don’t hope to be there forever. I just
want to do, make noise, leave when the
ovation is loudest. That’s the best way. I
don’t want to be there for 10 years, 12
years, 16 years, that’s the best way. I
want to do other things. 4- 8 years.
That’s the limit…you can hold me to my
word” she declares.
Well, we wish Kate all the best at the
polls. Go girl!

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Angelina Jolie has confirmed she is
retiring from acting.
The Hollywood star, who won an Oscar
for Girl Interrupted, said she did not enjoy
being the centre of attention and intended
to move permanently behind the camera
and she wants to concentrate on writing
and directing.
“I’ve never been comfortable as an actor;
I’ve never loved being in front of the
camera,” Jolie said in an interview
with Du Jour magazine.
“I didn’t ever think I could direct, but I
hope I’m able to have a career at it
because I’m much happier.”
Jolie is currently promoting her new film,
Unbroken, about Olympic runner and US
airman Louis Zamperini, who spent 47
days living on a raft after a plane crash
and survived two years as a Japanese
prisoner of war.
The 39-year-old actress made her
directorial debut in 2007 with the
documentary, A Place in Time, followed
up by the harrowing feature film, In
the Land of Blood and Honey in 2011
about the Bosnian war.
She recently signed up to direct Africa, a
biopic of Kenyan politician and
conservationist Richard Leakey.
Jolie said earlier this year that her
appearance as Cleopatra in an impending
biopic of the Egyptian queen could be her
final acting role.
Jolie, who met Zamperini shortly before
his death at the age of 97 last year,
fought to make the film, the rights of
which were sold to Universal Pictures
more than 50 years ago.
When the director told her husband, actor
Brad Pitt, that she was interested in the
script, he said: “‘Oh, honey, that project
has been around forever.’?”
Jolie said: “I fought for it for months… I
felt I needed to go on that journey, that it
would make me a better person if I could.
I was begging not only to be the director-
I was begging to have the opportunity to
spend two years of my life focused on
Louie Zamperini.”

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Manchester City needs to beat Bayern
Munich in the Champions League today
if the team is to have any hope of
progressing from Group E.
The German champions has the option
to rest players for its trip to the Etihad
Stadium , as the team is already
assured of top spot in the group, with
maximum points from its first four
games .
Since losing to Borussia Dortmund in
the German Super Cup in August, Pep
Guardiola ’s side have been on an 18 -
match unbeaten run , including a last-
gasp 1- 0 win over the Premier League
champions in its opening group fixture
earlier this season.
Bastian Schweinsteiger could play a
role, having come off the bench for his
first action since injuring his knee in
August during the 4 -0 win over
Hoffenheim at the weekend
Philipp Lahm will miss out though , as
he is sidelined until next year with an
ankle injury, while Javi Martinez, Pepe
Reina and Thiago Alcantara are among
a number of long- term absentees .
In order to remain in contention for a
spot in the last 16, Manuel Pellegrini’s
side must beat Bayern, and hope that
the other Group E match ends in a
draw .
The hosts is currently bottom of the
group , having drawn twice and lost
twice in its first four matches .
Yaya Toure, who scored in the Premier
League at the weekend , and
Fernandinho are both suspended after
being sent off against CSKA Moscow
last time out .
Vincent Kompany is available though,
having overcome a calf injury to play
against Swansea City, but David Silva
and Edin Dzeko are both doubts after
missing the 2- 1 win with injuries

Former Head of State and one of the
presidential aspirants on the platform of the
All Progressives Congress (APC), General
Muhammadu Buhari (rtd), tuesday returned
his nomination form with a pledge to
continue to work for a united Nigeria.
Buhari, who came to the APC national
secretariat with just a few of his campaign
officials, thanked the party leadership for
their efforts at forging a united front ahead
of the 2015 elections.
Speaking on the recent fracas at the National
Assembly, Buhari slammed the security
agents for over-reaching their constitutional
powers by locking down the legislative
“ It is a distressing situation where those who
are supposed to protect the constitution are
the ones undermining it. That place-House of
Representative and Senate-sacred place they
shouldn’t go there as members of law
enforcement agencies much less fire teargas
and harassing them, they are brreaking down
and undermining the constitution and if they
are doing that who is going to correct it? “
He said.
The National Chairman of APC, Chief John
Odigie Oyegun, described Buhari as one
Nigerian who has show great passion to bring
about change in the affairs in the country.
“We are glad that you are one of those
Nigerians who have offered themselves on
the platform of the APC with the vision and
passion for change and the time has come
when business has to be transacted
differently in this country. Genuine concern
for the people of this nation should become
the number one priority of any government in
this nation.
“If the good Lord had chosen you to be the
leader of this nation or any other aspirant for
that matter, it is my prayer that one of you in
the APC win the presidency,” he said.
Meanwhile, APC leadership yesterday
inaugurated six zonal screening committees
made up of five members each to undertake
the screening of the party’s governorship
aspirants ahead of the 2015 general election.
The six committees and their chairmen are
North-central - Chief Olagunsoye Onyinlola,
North-east -Senator Chris Ngige, North-west -
Malam Bolaji Abdulahi, South-east Timipre
Silva, South-south, Alhaji Tijani Gwazo and
South –west, Senator Danjuma Goje.
The screening panels are to resume work by
Speaking while inaugurating the six zonal
screening committees, Oyegun said the
critical nature of the assignment of the
committee had been made even more
manifest with the events that have been
occurring in the last one week. He said the
committees are made up of quality men
whose words are taken seriously.
He said the assignment of the committee’s
was coming in critical times and as such they
should be transparent and above board.
The APC leader said the public was looking
up to them to show that APC is the agent of
change and whether the party would be truly
the agent of change for country.
According to Oyegun, the peoples’s anxiety
had become heightened because of the
insane things that have been happening
“Why should security agencies invade a
National Assembly which was convened at
the request of the presidency and in which
there is only three days that are critical to
the approval of extension of the stage of
emergency in the three trouble states?
Oyegun commended the legislators for
subjecting themselves to the integrity of
climbing the fence, adding that were it not
for such courage exhibited by the lawmakers,
may be something more biizarre things
would have happened.
He said the storming of the APC office in
Kagos only disrupted the compilation of
membership register of the party.
Oyegun added that the reasons given by the
State Security Service (SSS) “cannot just fly.
You cannot but begin to wonder what is
going on in this country.”
He charged the committees to ensure that
aspirants are friendly and accommodating in
the campaign and to also ensure that they
are all properly documented to avoid
disqualification during or after election.
While responding on behalf of other
committees, Oyinlola said they would work
diligently to deliver a good job, adding that
the committee would do a thorough job that
would make Nigerians see the difference
between APC and other parties.
Also, the Chairman of the committee in
charge of the North-east, Senator Chris
Ngige, said the party considered the
governorship seat as the second highest
position in the land and as such, the
committees would try to as much as
possible to insist on a transparent exercise.
He said the North-east committee which he
heads was considering using Abuja as
centre to screen the aspirants from the zone.
According to him, there are 21 governorship
aspirants for the APC ticket in the six states
of Borno, Adamawa, Taraba, Yobe, Bauchi
and Gombe.
Borno has only the incumbent governor who
will be seeking re-election for a second term.


Police in Kano State have arrested a fake
female suicide bomber, following a bomb
scare in the commercial city of Kano.
The incident occurred around 12.30p.m.
on Monday, when the police guard on
duty at the Kwali Police Division
suspected a strange middle-aged woman
in Burqa heading to the station, reports
Vanguard, citing eyewitnesses

“The strange woman refused to stop for
scrutiny, when ordered by the police
guard at the security post,” a source told
The policemen subsequently mobilized
themselves and surrounded the strange
woman for failing to comply with police
“I am ready to die. But mark you, there
are two others at large in the city,” the
source quoted the woman as saying.
A security source, who also spoke to
Vanguard confirmed the incident. “We
acted fast and got her sleeping with a
substance fired at her,” he said.
“To our surprise, the woman had covered
herself with used pomade containers and
sundry harmless objects.”
He added that preliminary investigation
showed that the strange woman is
mentally deranged, but the police will
make no conclusions on this until an
expert confirms it.
Kano State Police Public Relations, ASP
Magaji Majia, could not confirm the
incident, as he said he was out of the

Tragedy struck on Sunday night at
Okpuno , a community in Awka South
local government area of Anambra
State, when fire razed down about 30-
bedroom bungalow inhibited mostly by
artisans , burning two children to death.
Daily Independent gathered that the fire
started when electricity was restored to
the area after two weeks of outage.
Another source had it that the fire
started from a candle light forgotten by
one of the tenants.
The fire incident which started at about
10 pm had fire service men arrive by
10 : 45 pm but before their arrival fire
had gutted the 30 rooms beyond
recognition , burning the two kids
identified as Onyebuchi and Ebuka .
The ages of the children were put at
one year and two years, respectively.
The fire destroyed property worth
several millions of naira including six
power generators, motorcycles and
other house hold equipment, eliciting
wailing and mourning by onlookers and
The mother of the two victims who wept
wild was said to be selling at her store
in front of the building when the fire
started but her efforts to rush in to
save her children proved abortive
sequel to heavy smoke emitting from
the rooms.
Their father was not in Awka when the
incident happened .
The mother was later admitted to a
nearby hospital after collapsing on the
death of her two male children out of
five she has.
An eye witness, Udonna Anigbo, told
Daily Independent that it was indeed a
pitiful sight as the occupants lost all
they had during the inferno and
appealed to good hearted individuals to
come to their aid .
He said people immediately started
contributing money to assist the
villagers who volunteered to transport
the corpses of the children home before
other issues would be looked into.
He commended the little effort of the
fire service men , as according to him,
they were timely but inaccessible routes
to the building prevented them from
timely execution of their duties .
He said without the fire fighters the fire
could have spread to other compounds
at the back of the house .
The man who inherited the house from
one late Mr Ezeh , according to sources,
was speechless before his kinsmen took
him away to avoid any regrettable act .

Court declines jurisdiction on ward
Enugu PDP Crisis: Judge withdraws from
Tobi Soniyi in Abuja, Christopher Isiguzo in
Enugu and Bassey Inyang in Calabar
The secretariat of the Cross River State
chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party
(PDP), located along Murtala Muhammed
Highway, Calabar, was in the early hours
yesterday rocked by explosion suspected to
be a bomb blast.
The incident happened as the party was
gearing up to distribute materials to hold its
ward congress, which was rescheduled by its
national secretariat after the one it held on
November 1 was annulled.
Though no life was lost, it was gathered that
the secretariat of the party was slightly
affected as the impact of the blast shattered
the glasses of some windows and some other
delicate components of the storey building.
The impact of the blast also affected some
residential houses located within the vicinity
of the PDP secretariat.
Journalists who dashed to the secretariat to
establish the cause of the blast, were
prevented by the heavily armed policemen
and soldiers who had cordoned off the entire
roads leading to the secretariat.
Vehicular movements were also diverted from
the sections of the Murtala Muhammed
Highway close to the secretariat.
A resident who resides about 10 houses away
from the secretariat, but pleaded anonymity
said: “I heard a loud bang and everywhere
started shaking. I thought the house was
going to collapse.”
Chief Fire Officer of the Emergency Response
Centre, Ugbong Celestine, who arrived the
secretariat at about 11a.m. said he was
alerted that there was a blast and fire
outbreak that require rescue operation.
Men of the police bomb disposal squad were
also at the scene of the blast to conduct
their investigation and possiblly establish
facts about the blast.
Reacting to the incident, the state chairman
of the party, Ntufam John Okon, said: “I
understand they threw in a bomb or dynamite
or something. The police are there and the
anti-bomb squad are on the way. We would
not be able to use the secretariat for the
ward congresses. We would be using the
Presidential Lodge. All the electoral officers
are collecting their materials and going to
the field. The windows and other things
inside the office were destroyed.”
The state police command confirmed the
blast at the PDP secretariat, but said it was
a minor explosion.
A statement signed by the Police Public
Relations Officer, Hogan Bassey, entitled:
“Improvised Explosion Device (IED) at the
PDP secretariat, Calabar,” read: “The Cross
River State Police Command wishes to reflect
on the ongoing PDP ad hoc delegates
congress, holding in the state, in the light of
this, operatives were placed on surveillance,
intelligence gathering, monitoring, foot and
vehicular patrol. This measure has yielded
positive result.
Meanwhile, a Federal High Court in Abuja
has declined jurisdiction to entertain the suit
instituted against the PDP for allegedly
tampering with the results of the ward
congresses conducted in Cross River on
November 1.
Justice Adeniyi Ademola in his decision, held
that “the complaints bordered on pre-primary
matters which are covered under internal
party matters and as such the court lacks the
jurisdiction to entertain it presently.”
Reacting to the decision of the court the
plaintiff, Hon. Jones Tagban, said they have
accepted the judgment of the court.
Meanwhile, elders of the PDP in Cross River
State have kicked against the purported
cancellation of the ward congresses results.
Speaking on behalf of the group, Ojong
Bassey told journalists in Abuja that the
cancellation was “unacceptable to the people
as the elections were free and fair. There was
no form of violence whatsoever.
“We read the story in some newspapers just
like our people but we do not want to believe
that our party will take that decision, even
after it is clear that the matter is in court.”
However, the leadership crisis rocking the
Enugu State chapter of the PDP yesterday
assumed a new dimension as an Enugu High
Court Judge, Justice Raymond Ozoemena,
declined further hearing in a suit challenging
the claim by the Deputy Chairman, David
Ajah, that he ought to be the acting chairman
of the party in the state, citing threats to his
life from some undisclosed persons.
Justice Ozomena  who was to rule on a
motion on notice in the matter, said he could
no longer go on with the case following
“persistent threats to my life” and ordered
that the matter be transferred back to the
court registry for reassignment.
The judge had earlier issued an order
restraining Ajah from parading himself as the
acting chairman of the state chapter of the
PDP following the resignation of the former
Chairman, Vita Abba, pending the
appointment of a new chairman from the
Enugu North senatorial zone where Abba
hails from.
Ajah was subsequently served with a notice
of consequences for disobedience to a court
order, also known as “form 48” following his
refusal to comply with the order.
Reacting to the development, counsel  to the
state PDP, Vin Ene and Tochukwu Maduka,
described the development as unfortunate,
adding that it was “shocking and
unwholesome” that a judge discharging his
lawful duties could be subjected to such
threats to his life as to compel him to decline
further hearing in a suit before him.

The wife of the President, Mrs. Patience
Jonathan, on Monday in Abuja pleaded with
Nigerian women to vote for her husband,
President Goodluck Jonathan in the 2015
Presidential election.
According to her, only Jonathan can protect
and defend their rights among all the
aspirants for the seat.
She also asked women to actively participate
in the on-going electoral processes in the
country, saying it was time for them to
compete favourably with their male
counterparts for elective positions.
Patience, represented by the Minister of
Water Resources, Mrs. Sarah Ochekpe, made
the remarks while declaring open a two-day
National Conference on Women and Elections,
with the theme, “Enhancing Opportunities for
Women Candidates,” organised by the United
Nations Development Programme in
collaboration with the Federal Ministry for
Women Affairs.
She asked the electorate not to yield to the
advances of other aspirants, saying they
could not guarantee their freedom.
“I want to once again, urge you to continue to
give support to our dear President, who has
shown that he is not only gender sensitive
but believes in the power and capacity of
women to bring about change in society. He
has been doing his best to promote the
interest of women in Nigeria. It is now time
for us to show him our appreciation for all he
has been doing as he seeks re-election, “she
While applauding the roles women were
playing to positively transform the society,
she noted that more Nigerian families were
investing in girls’ education, saying the
development would make women to be
politically and economically independent.
She said, “It is gratifying that more families
are today investing in girls’ education and
there are pointers to the fact that in the
nearest future, more women will be politically
and economically independent.
“However, there is the need to create the
enabling environment to enhance women
active participation in all areas of
development. We must as women begin to
aggressively unite, network and build
alliances across gender divide in order to
secure meaningful change.”
In her speech at the occasion, the Women
Affairs Minister, Hajia Zainab Maina,
regretted that women were not being taken
along in decision and law making.
She said, “The number in terms of female
representation in Nigeria reflects the almost
exclusion of women. With less than seven per
cent representation in elective positions,
Nigerian women are among the less
represented women in any sense when critical
decisions, especially law making and
distribution of the country’s resources that
have unprecedented impacts on their lives
are made.”

The Punch

A Federal High
Court sitting in
Abuja , on
Monday , struck out the two- count
criminal charge bothering on terrorism
filed by the police against the key
suspect of the April 14 , 2014 Nyanya
bomb blast , Aminu Ogwuche, in the
Federal Capital Territory .
No fewer than 75 people lost their lives
in the blast , while several others were

The trial judge, Justice Adeniyi
Ademola, while striking out the charge ,
cited lack of diligent prosecution on the
part of the police for the action .
The police, the judge observed, had
been absent in court two consecutive
The suspect, Ogwuche, is, however, to
remain in the custody of the
Department of State Services (DSS) till
December 5 when the court will hear the
application filed by his counsel , Ahmed
Raji , seeking to enforce his fundamental
human rights.
It would be recalled that during the
initial stage of the trial, there was
disagreement between the DSS and the
police on who should prosecute
Ogwuche .
It was, however, agreed that the
Attorney General of the Federation will
prosecute the accused, but no charge
has been filed from the AGF ’s office ,
though the Director of Public
Prosecution (DPP ) is always in
attendance in court.
At the last adjourned date , the court
ordered the DSS to produce Ogwuche in
When hearing in the case resumed on
Monday , the DSS brought the accused
person , but he was not arraigned due to
the absence of the police.
Counsel to Ugwuche made an oral
application to the court for an order
granting the accused person access to
his lawyer , family members and his
doctor .
Counsel to the DSS , Clifford Osaghie ,
did not oppose the prayer that the
accused lawyer and family should visit
Osaghie only objected to allowing a
doctor to visit him, pointing out that
the DSS has a standard clinic and in
the event of any illness , the accused
would be referred to the National
Hospital .
The court directed that the accused
person should be granted access to
three lawyers, and two of his family
members – his wife and brother.
The court added that the service should
ensure that adequate medical treatment
is administered on the accused and in
the event of any illness , he should be
taken to the National Hospital for
treatment .
The court later adjourned till December
5 for hearing of the accused person ’ s

The chairman was going about asking the women to pay a fee of N2000 on other days without being harmed. Today , he went to the zone where the women stay at bakassi, a place  near the ariaria market,  with armed soldiers to collect the money,  once he set foot in the zone, the market women pounced on him and almost beat him to a pulp, the soldiers who saw the man sprawled on the ground took to their heels and never returned. At first, the man looked dead,  after some time, he was confirmed alive after he coughed..
Eye Witnesses Say that the soldiers probably sped off because the money collection is illegal

In those days in the Nigerian music scene, you are not
considered a bonafide musician until you have an
album to your name.
Now, the story has changed as we have artistes who are
yet to release their first albums, but already have
massive hits, huge fan base and commanding high
performance fees. An album takes an artiste out of the
rookie zone and serves as the approval the artiste needs
to prove their mettle.
This report highlights 8 Nigerian artistes who have hit
songs but are yet to release an album.
At a time when his former record label refused to renew
his contract and wasn’t seen as a good business deal,
Skales soared above the rejection, scaled through the
obstacles and fine -tuned his craft .The youngster
signed a new deal with Baseline records, became more
visually appealing and jarred our ear drums with the
wonderful song Shake Body which now has a French
version. It is unbelievable that Skales is yet to release an
album, but the fact remains that he is gradually
making himself an irresistible artiste.
Even though Praiz is gradually switching from the RnB
genre he is known for, his talent and versatility is
however not in doubt. The success of his reggae themed
hit song Rich and Famous , shot him up, winning him
fans who are reggae inclined .As the year is running to
an end, there is no better time for praiz to fete his fans
with his debut album than now.
While we wonder why Orezi is yet to release his debut
album, the artiste who once proclaimed he has a crush
on Rihanna and dedicated a song to her, dominated
the airwaves with two hot singles Rihanna and Shoki.
Even though the songs  have been said to lack depth
by music veterans, Orezi makes up for it with his energy,
stage craft and delivery. Shoki made him one of the
most sought after artistes of 2014.
Mc Galaxy
The name Mc Galaxy may possibly not  really ring a
bell amongst music lovers, but whenever his hit song
Sekem is being played accompanied by the dance
steps ,people get their groove on. What makes this song
a hit perhaps is the bubbly beat, bass line and his
melodious delivery on the song. Though, the singer cum
comedian is yet to release an album, he has been able
to define what a hit song sounds like.
Cynthia Morgan
Fast-rising pop artiste  Cynthia Morgan, whose groovy
hit song Don’t break my heart has been welcomed with
loads of airplays is one artiste who doesn’t just flaunt
her talent but also her sensuality. Don’t Break My Heart
is a fast-paced contemporary highlife song termed as
her claim to fame. She is signed on to Jude Okoye’s
Northside  Music Inc. Her work ethic has seen her being
nominated in three categories for BEN TV Awards 2014
and also in 2 categories for Nigeria Entertainment
Awards (NEA). She has done all these without an
Seyi Shay
The beautiful and artistic Seyi Shay burst into the
Nigerian music scene when she released her song Irawo,
laying claim to the fact that she is a star who has
come to take her place. Even though the Murda crooner
is yet to fully go mainstream with her music, the
success of her semi hit song Murda; featuring
Patoraking and Shaydee gives her the super star status.
She is a brand ambassador to Baccardi Breezer and
toured major cities of the world even though she has no
album to her credit.
The pop singer released his highly successful and
commercial hit song Girlie O this year which made him
a toast of show promoters. Years back, Patoraking was
just a greenhorn in the music terrain. Today, the
story has changed, as he is undoubtedly one of the
most featured artistes of 2014. He has made songs with
A- listers like M.I, Timaya and Tiwa Savage. What
makes him the rave of the moment is perhaps his reggae
styled delivery. No show seems to be complete without
Patoraking’s name on the menu. If he has an album it
must still be forming in his head.
Since she returned to Nigeria,
the Soul Musik first lady has continually been dishing
out songs, striving to make her mark in the music
industry. This year, she surprised everyone with the
release of her massive Afrobeat inspired song Sarewale.
Zaina’s growing confidence, sex appeal and voice texture
makes this song one of the biggest songs of 2014. Her
fans gladly anticipate the release of her album.
Lil Kesh
Ololade Keshinro, known as Lil Kesh is a fast-rising
indigenous rapper signed on to YBNL Olamide’s record
label. Though the Olamide protégé is yet to finally
create his own unique style and punchlines,the
youngster made 2014 a remarkable year for his fans
when he took advantage of the Shoki craze and made
a song out of it just like Orezi. Having done two
different versions of the song, featuring top guns like
Davido, Olamide and Chidinma, Lil kesh is
progressively stamping  his stage craft on the Nigerian
music terrain but still a long shot from having his



As the 2015 general election approaches, tension now
brews in Enugu North Senatorial Zone, Enugu State
between two biological brothers jostling for one political
position, under the same party, to represent Nsukka/
Igbo Eze South federal constituency in the House of
Saturday Vanguard gathered that the two are of one
womb and natives of Echara in Nsukka local
government area. One is Kenneth Okonkwo (a.k.a
Andy), the famous Nollywood actor, while the other is
Luke Okonkwo (a.k.a Aguma). The two were said to be
locking horns for the occupation of Nsukka /Igbo-Eze
South federal constituency seat at the national House of
Representative under People’s Democratic Party (PDP).
According to investigation, Luke, who is Kenneth’s
younger brother, had first indicated interest to vie for
the seat. He had sent out his campaign posters earlier
than Kenneth and other contestants, who later advised
Luke to step down for his elder brother, Kenneth, for
peace to reign in the the family.
Rumors are however rife at the University town of
Nsukka over the feud between the two brothers. It may
be of interest to know that their eldest brother, Peter
Okonkwo (Ohamadike), had severally contested the
governorship election under different political parties
from 2007 without  success, and has now allegedly
decided to take a shot at again in 2015 under the
platform of APC.
In a telephone interview, the famous Nollywood actor,
Kenneth Okwokwo, said there was no rift in their family
over 2015 general elections, explaining that no other
person in his family is running for election to the House
of Representative apart from him.
Kenneth said he wants to change the face of the
constituency for effective representation, pointing out
that he will not speak for any other person from a
different political party, but he remains the only one
from his family that picked the PDP form for the House
of Representatives for the 2015 general elections.
Mr. George Okonkwo, chairman, Nsukka Building
Materials Union, who is also a brother to Kenneth and
Luke, said that politics is all about interest in any
given position. He confirmed it was Luke who first
showed interest to contest for election into the House of
representatives under PDP.
Later, Kenneth queued in for the same position under
the same political party. According to George, Luke has
to step down for his elder brother, Kenneth, not minding
that he had distributed his posters for the 2015 race.
“There is no problem in our family in connection with
the way the two showed interests; we are bounded by
one blood, one love and one interest.
Luke cannot battle for an elective position with his elder
brother. The entire family supports the ambition of
Kenneth to reposition honesty, accountability and
transparency in Nsukka /Igbo Eze South Federal
Constituency,” he said.
A prominent politician in Nsukka, Mr. Festus Omeje,
said the emergence of the two brothers from one political
party sends danger signal which shows that all may
not be well in the PDP family.


Mexico is facing an escalating political crisis
amid growing fury over a mansion built for
the presidential family and the disappearance
and probable massacre of 43 student teachers.
The two apparently unrelated issues have fed
the widespread perception that unbridled
political corruption is the underlying cause of
the country’s many problems – ranging from
stunted economic growth to a breakdown of
law and order that has left parts of the
country at the mercy of murderous drug
“The drama of Mexico is about impunity,” said
leading political commentator Jesús Silva
Herzog. “This is not about the popularity or
unpopularity of the president, that is
irrelevant. It is about credibility and trust and,
at its root, it is about legitimacy.”
Thousands gathered in Mexico City on
Thursday ahead of what was expected to be
the largest demonstration so far over the
students’ forced disappearance by municipal
police in collusion with a local drug gang in
the southern city of Iguala.
Classmates of the missing students have spent
the past week traveling the country in an
effort to start unifying the diverse protest
movement around clear goals for future
change. On Thursday night, three groups of
students are due to lead separate marches
which will converge at the capital’s main
Zócalo plaza around nightfall.
“Beyond the lies of the government, we have
the possibility to start moving an entire
country towards change,” student Omar Garcia
told MVS Radio in the morning.
Protests were also planned in other major
Mexican cities and around the world.
Preparations for the march dominated social
media in Mexico with Twitter users posting
slogans such as “There will not be a mass
grave big enough to shut us all up.”
Twitter was also abuzz with warnings that
provocateurs could infiltrate the protest, fed
by photographs of army vehicles filled with
young people in civilian clothing .
A large, peaceful march in Mexico City on 8
November ended in violence with masked
youths torching the wooden door of the
ceremonial presidential palace. Many
protestors claimed the assault was provoked
and circulated photographs and videos showing
alleged government agents who had
participated in it but later slipped behind
police lines.
Ahead of the main demonstration, an attempt
to blockade Mexico City’s airport by a few
hundred protestors was abandoned after a
large contingent of riot police blocked their
While the focus of the protests is indignation
over the government’s handling of the
disappearance of the 43 students, there is also
significant anger over its clumsy efforts to
dismiss serious allegations of a conflict of
interests involving President Enrique Peña
Nieto himself.
Late on Tuesday night first lady Angélica
Rivera attempted to mitigate the scandal over
a multimillion-dollar minimalist white
residence built to measure for her andPeña
Nieto in one of Mexico City’s most exclusive
The house is still owned by a subsidiary of a
company with a long history of obtaining
lucrative contracts from Peña Nieto
administrations, dating back to his term as
governor of the state of Mexico.
In her address, Rivera, a former telenovela
star, said she was going to sell her interests in
the house, but vehemently insisted there had
never been any strings attached.
“I don’t want this to continue to be a pretext
for offending and defaming my family,” she
Rivera said she had been paying for the house
from the fruits of her labour earned during a
25-year-long career within TV giant Televisa
that ended in 2010 with the payment of 88.6
million pesos ($6.5m) and the transference of
property of another luxurious residence that
backs onto the controversial new mansion.
She said she had already paid about a third of
the cost of the new home worth 54 million
pesos ($4m), in accordance with a contract
signed with the company over eight years.
She said she had met the company’s owner,
who also happens to be a personal friend of
the president, “like I meet many businessmen,
professionals and artists”.
The existence of the house was revealed 10
days ago by the website of leading Mexican
journalist Carmen Aristegui.
But the first lady’s attempt to turn the page of
the scandal was met with widespread
“There have always been rumours, but we
have never before had documents that suggest
that a president in office has participated in
illegal operations,” commentator Silva Herzog
said, adding that he expected the unanswered
key question to further fuel public skepticism
and anger.
“This is the worst possible moment for a
scandal of this kind.”
On Wednesday night, President Peña Nieto
showered praise on his wife’s “bravery” in
revealing details of her personal accounts
despite not being legally obliged to do so.
He then announced he would be doing the
same because “I value the trust of Mexicans
more than the right to confidentiality that I
could obtain as a public servant,” he said. The
assets, uploaded later on the presidential
website, include four houses and an
These attempts to shake off the suggestion of
wrongdoing came after the president adopted
a new combative stance in the face of
intensifying protests triggered by the
disappearance of the 43 students in the
southern city of Iguala on 26 September.
The students went missing after being
arrested by municipal police who also
participated in a series of attacks during the
night that left six people dead.
The disappearance of the students has sparked
numerous demonstrations in many parts of the
country. Over time the focus of the protests
has moved from demands for the return of
the students alive, to disbelief at the
government’sfailure to crack down on
widespread collusion between law
enforcement agencies and drug mafias.
These latest demonstrations have been much
more widespread than the protests prompted
by allegations of fraud in Peña Nieto’s electoral
victory in 2012.
Unlike during the previous wave of dissent,
the current protests have expressed anger at
perceptions of corruption across the entire
political class that is viewed as corrupt, not
just Peña Nieto.
The president had previously adopted a
conciliatory tone, expressing sympathy for the
victims’ families and promising a full and
thorough investigation, but on Tuesday he
used a speech to denounce violent outbreaks
in some of the numerous demonstrations in
recent weeks.
The violence, he said, “appears to respond to a
general interest to destabilise and, above all,
attack the national project that we are
pushing forward”.
The harder line echoes some calls in the
national press by commentators such as
Ricardo Alemán, who has begun regularly
urging politicians to discard their “fear of
governing” and crack down radical elements in
the demonstrations.
Other analysts, however, detect a menacing
tone in the president’s words.
Silva Herzog drew parallels with the language
used by President Gustavo Díaz Ordaz, who
governed at the time of the watershed 1968
Tlatelolco massacre in which scores – and
possibly hundreds – of pro-democracy students
were killed by government forces in Mexico
“It is dangerous because it polarises the
climate,” he said. “The solution has to start by
recognising the legitimate foundations of the
collective irritation. The country has good
reason to be angry.”
With Thursday’s key demonstration
approaching on the 104th anniversary of the
Mexican revolution, the authorities announced
the cancellation of the annual military parade
that usually fills the capital’s central streets on
that day.

One of the best decisions I’ve ever made was the decision to take on the job of hosting my own weekly radio
show where I find some of the most successful people in the world, and bring them on my show to ask
them about what they did to become so successful in life and business. In this article, I’m going to share
with you some of the key take-aways I’ve picked up from talking to – and reading about – thought leaders
from various fields about the things successful people do to always get what they want. Ready to dive in?
Let’s go.
1. They know what they want.
The first and most important thing that successful people do to always get what they want is so simple that
most people totally forget about it: they figure out what they actually want. When you know what you want,
you can get clear about what you need to do to actually get what you want. (If you’re unsure about what you
want in life and business, I’d suggest picking up some career and self-improvement books to help you gain
some clarity and focus).
2. They’re assertive.
Successful people know that they need to be both bold and sincere . Balancing these two characteristics is the
essence of assertiveness. Oh, and by the way – being assertive is not a natural talent someone is born with.
Assertiveness is a learned skill. And anyone can do it. Including you!
3. They learn.
You may have heard the old saying, “great leaders are readers”. For the most part, I’d say this is totally
true. Let me give you an example … On my radio show I regularily ask successful people about their habits
which lead towards success. You want to know something really neat? Every single one them reads books.
Successful people read and learn as much as they can about what they want; so that they can get what they
want. If you’re low on time, subscribe to a book summary site to get the core concepts of the books in your
industry quickly.
4. They make things meaningful.
One of the most powerful things successful people do to always get what they want is that they make things
meaningful. That is, they ensure that whatever endeavor they decide to embark upon is meaningful to
them (and not necessarily to anyone else). They know and understand that it’s only worth it if it matters.
5. They ask.
One big thing that successful people always do in order to get what they want is this: they ask. Most people
are too shy to ask for what they really want. Don’t be like most people. Here’s an exercise you can do to get
over it: next time you’re buying something, regardless of what it is, ask for a discount. Just do it. The worst
case scenario is that you’ll get a chuckle from the Barrista at Starbucks. The best case scenario is that you’ll
get comfortable with negotiating when it’s time to buy your next car.

6. They take action.
Insight without action is useless. Successful people know that in order to always get what they want, they’ve
got to take massive action. One of the most powerful exercises I’ve ever discovered is this: never leave the
sight of a goal without taking some kind action towards its achievement. In other words: as soon as you
decide you want something, or as soon as you set a goal of some kind, do something - anything - that shifts
you closer towards getting it.
7. They use their time wisely.
Have you ever heard of NET time? It stands for “No Extra Time”. For example: when you’re driving, and
sitting in traffic, are you listening to Mylie Cyrus? Or are you listening to an audiobook? Successful people
take NET time seriously. Get yourself some audiobook so you can start listening to the best business and
self-improvement books available – all while you’re on your way to work in the morning.
8. They choose to lead.
You don’t need to have formal authority to become a leader. You just need to choose yourself. All successful
people know this. And so should you. Don’t wait for anyone else to do it, because the truth is, that most
people want to be led anyway. So just step up and claim authority. Be the leader you wish you always had.
9. They contribute.
Successful people know that in order to get what they want , they got to be willing to help other people get
what they want. What happens when you stop doing your job? What happens when you stop caring about
your school work? What happens when you become emotionally disconnected from a relationship? You
suffer, that’s what happens. Successful people know and understand that in order to succeed, they need to
contribute. They need to add value to the lives of others. They need to do their best, so that they can
become the best.
So, now what?
I hope this article has re-ignited the fire that you already had within you to be successful at any endeavor.
The reason why I’m stressing the fact that you’ve already got everything you need to succeed and get what
you want, is because you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t already motivated to be successful. At the
end of the day however, all the insights in the world are worth absolutely nothing unless you combine them
with action. When it’s all said and done, it’s totally your decision what you do with this list and how you
apply it to your life and career. But if I may, here’s what I would suggest you consider as you get started
doing the things to help you succeed:
Review this list of the 9 things successful people do to always get what they want and then compare it
with where you currently are at each one of these 9 things. Rate yourself in each one of the 9 things.